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Naturism Nudist Kids vannrayf




Family is very important & its important to discuss this with your children & it is ok to discuss it with your psychologist.   Answer: Yes, I think in some cases these things can be beneficial for a child. It is a difficult decision for a parent, especially a first time mother. My first child was born in 1989, and I had done all the birth classes, had a healthy baby, and my parents were not there, and I feel that I did the best I could with my child. I had not seen a psychologist nor had any counseling, but I could tell my child would need a little help. It was not until I went back to college and was not pregnant for some reason that I saw a child psychologist. With my next child, the mother was much more informed about the birth classes and was more comfortable with the birth classes, so there was not much needed. My next child was a surprise, but I was already pregnant, and we were both very excited about the baby. I did take the birth classes, but I had had the classes with my first child, and I have not been pregnant since. I think it all depends on the parent, the pregnancy, the child, and their needs at the time. My daughter is now 15 and a freshman in high school. She has gotten over the initial embarrassment and has seen a lot of other nude people in movies and on tv, so she does not seem to have any problems with it. My oldest daughter is 21. We always told her that it would happen when she was ready. She's always been very open minded about nudity, but she felt that she was ready for it. We never forced it on her, and we did not tell her when it would happen. She told us when she was 8 that she wanted to get into the pool naked. We told her it was ok and that she would have to ask her mom for permission. It happened right before we were getting ready for vacation. She was excited and was wearing a tight little bathing suit. Her mom came in, saw her nude in the pool, and was thrilled. She is not offended when I make comments about her friends. She says that it is part of my relationship with her. She has not been uncomfortable with the situation. We have not had any problems. The older my children are and the more I have talked about it the more comfortable they are with it. .  2 answers&n




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Naturism Nudist Kids vannrayf

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